Parent Swim Lesson Information

Hello Parents!!  Thank you for signing your child up for swim lessons at the Harbor Springs community pool. In doing so, you have given them a start on being safe and knowledgeable in and around water.  To ensure an effective and safe learning environment, listed below are a few things to remember:

  • Arrive approximately 10 minutes early to have your child change into their swim suit and shower.  Showering helps to prevent the spread of water-borne illness, as well as helping to keep their skin healthy.
  • Make sure to express any concerns, goals, disabilities or cues that may help and/or hinder your child’s learning to the WSI (Water Safety Instructor) so that together a pattern of learning can be established.
  • Once you have observed the first lesson, please help with the efficient of subsequent lessons and observe from a distance, so as not to distract your child’s learning.  You are encouraged to return for the final lesson to observe your child’s progress.
  • Although the water is at a controlled temperature, there is still a chance your child may get chilled during lessons.  Please consider warmer swimming attire such as one-piece bathing suits or swim shirts.
  • To protect the privacy of other children, please do not take photos or videos of lessons.
  • Practicing difficult skills outside of lessons is strongly encouraged. Please use our to find recreational swim times or ask our instructors. 

Thank you for these considerations. If you have any questions please call the pool office at (231) 526-4824 or email me at