Harbor Springs Public Schools has adapted the philosophy that schools belong to the community and to the community groups and organizations in which the majority of the members are residents of the school district. Such groups and organizations shall be permitted and encouraged to use the school facilities for worthwhile purposes when such does not interfere with the K-12 schedule and Community Schools programs. 

Any group or organization that wishes to use a room or facility should submit a Facilities Use Form. Requests must be received a minimum of one week prior to the requested date. Rules and Regulations are listed on the form and can also be read here. Rates for specific facilities are listed below, please contact the Community Schools Director for any questions. 

To ensure fairness and consistency in the implementation of Board of Education policy governing the use of school facilities, the following categories are established to determine priority and fees. 


Class A: School Related Event 

        Harbor Springs K-12 student functions, activities, programs, meeting, and related activities. 

Class B: Community Event 

        Community programs and functions that directly benefit the students of Harbor Springs Public Schools (i.e. Scouts, PTO, Sports Boosters, etc.) 

Class C: Community Non-Profit 

        Organizations that hold non-profit status that benefit the general public (i.e. churches, governmental agencies, etc.) Additional custodial fees required.

Class D: Community For-Profit 

        Organizations hosting profitable events or programs. Additional custodial fees required. 

Rental Rates

Performing Arts Center

Ottawa Stadium

Community Pool

Tennis Courts



Library/Media Centers