Media Center

Media Center Philosophy: To provide access to a broad scope of information resources which accommodate diverse learning styles. The goal of the Harbor Springs Media Centers is to foster information literacy in our patrons.

District Media Director:
Thom Blanck

Blackbird Media Center- Thom Blanck: 231-526-4621 
Middle School/Shay Media Center – Thom Blanck: 231-526-4722
High School Media Center – Thom Blanck: 231-526-4830 

Our media centers include the following resources: 

School Grades # of Titles  # of Computers
Blackbird Pre-K – 2  10,448 26
Shay 3-5 18,110 shared with MS  10 laptops shared 
Middle School 6-8 18,110 shared with Shay  10 laptops shared 
High School  9-12 9,970 25

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