Ram Wellness and HSPS Mental Health Student Services

The Ram Wellness Center offers a full range of services to our students including nursing and mental health.  Students face an overwhelming number of challenges, stresses, and situations in their everyday lives at school and outside of school.  Sometimes these issues, when left untreated or ignored can lead to physical/medical, learning, social, and/or emotional problems.  Harbor Springs Public Schools offers an array of student wellness services throughout the K-12 continuum.  These services are free of charge and are designed to be convenient for students and their families.  Below, you will find several services that are available for our students.  Please do not hesitate to contact the appropriate mental health care provider or your school counselor to initiate a referral.

Ram Wellness Program - All Schools

The Harbor Springs Ram Wellness Program helps children and teens gain confidence and learn strategies to be more successful in and out of the classroom. The school-based behavioral health program is operated by Health Department of Northwest Michigan in collaboration with Harbor Springs Public Schools. With parental/guardian permission, our licensed clinical social worker/counselor offers individual, group, and family therapy conveniently located in Harbor Springs Public Schools for easy access.

Topics/Areas of Treatment Include: Anxiety; Depression; Anger management; Relationship/social skills issues; Grief/loss; Family stressors; Parenting support strategies; Managing behavior and emotions; and Developing healthy coping strategies.

Please don’t hesitate to contact either of our mental health therapists that support our Ram Wellness Program.  Amy Beck services our elementary schools.  Amanda Rothfuss and Madi McCullough serve our middle school and high school.Mondays & Wednesdays: 231-526-4816
Tuesdays,Thursdays & Fridays: 231-526-4751

The Ram Wellness Program also provides nursing services as well as mental health services. Jennie Dodge is an established RN with many years of experience and dedication to her profession.  Mrs. Dodge serves the needs of all students here in Harbor Springs Public Schools.  For questions regarding mental health or physical health services please call 231-526-4751. Check out the RWP facebook page for program updates and valuable information. 

Meet the Ram Wellness Staff!

Amy Beck, LMSW

Servicing Blackbird and Shay Elementary Schools

Meet Amy Beck!

Email:  abeck@harborps.org

Phone: 231-526-4556

Amanda Rothfuss, LMSW

Servicing Harbor Springs Middle School and High Schools

Meet Amanda Rothfuss!

Email:  arothfuss@harborps.org

Phone:  231-526-4734

Madi McCullough, LLMSW

Servicing Harbor Springs Middle and High Schools

Meet Madi McCullough!

Email: mmccullough@harborps.org

Phone: 231-526-4734

Jennie Dodge, RN

Servicing Harbor Springs Middle and High Schools

Meet Madi McCullough!

Email: mmccullough@harborps.org

Phone: 231-526-4734

Professional School Counselor Services - All Schools

Our professional school counseling staff provides a myriad of services to students including classroom social and emotional learning lessons, small groups, connection to community resources for food and clothing, academic and school related behavioral support and crisis response.  They act as a liaison between students, faculty, and administration. School counselors serve as the point person for making referrals to other school and/or community mental health providers.  Depending on the level (elementary, middle, or high school), our counselors serve in a variety of other roles including career and college exploration and guidance, testing, and academic advising.

Kristin Glentz, Elementary Success Coordinator

Servicing Blackbird and Shay Elementary Schools

Email:  kglentz1@harborps.org

Phone:  231-526-4522 or 526-4650

Megan McShannock, School Counselor

Servicing Harbor Springs Middle School

Email: mmcshannock@harborps.org

Phone: 231-526-4756

Shelby Richardson, School Counselor

Servicing Harbor Springs High School

Email: srichardson@harborps.org

Phone:  231-526-4856