Sarah Saddison – Geometry & Health

Hello! My name is Sarah Saddison. This is my 18th year teaching in the Harbor Springs district, and I love it here! I currently teach geometry and health classes, but have previously taught algebra 1, as well as 6-8th grade math and health courses.

I graduated from Grand Valley State University, with a Bachelor Degree in Secondary Education (Math major, Health minor). I have also earned my Master’s Degree from Michigan State University in Educational Technology.

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This course will allow students to further develop their analytic and spatial reasoning.  Students will apply their knowledge and connections from algebraic reasoning and geometric situations to real-world problems, involving lines and angles, congruence, triangles, similarity, trigonometry, transformations, area, surface area, and volume, and circles.  Formal proofs are introduced, which affords the development of logic and deductive reasoning skills.

Geo. A Syllabus 2019-20

Syllabus: Geometry B

This class has been designed to guide you to learn, increase, and maintain positive healthy lifestyle behaviors.  These positive behaviors are based on the following 4 factors: knowledge, skills, self-efficiency, and support.  The objectives of the class are designed to provide you with base knowledge about health topics.  Students will also be guided to better understand, practice, and use skills that promote good health.  Accurate knowledge and skills that are needed to strengthen a person’s self-efficiency will be emphasized and practiced; social support, such as peer groups, school, home, and community will be integrated into each unit.

Health Class Syllabus 2019-20