Harbor Springs High School

Parent Newsletter


On behalf of the faculty and staff of Harbor Springs High School, I am pleased to welcome you to the 2021-2022 school year.  We look forward to helping your child grow and discover their talents, expand their academic knowledge, and ultimately prepared for their post-secondary path.  We are excited for the opportunity to work with your child during their educational journey.

Harbor Springs High School offers a wide range of academic and extracurricular programs for students to explore.  We appreciate the sustained support provided by parents, community members, and local businesses.  We pledge to continue to work hard to make our academic and extracurricular programs even stronger to ensure our students are successful and prepared upon graduation.

If you have questions, comments, or recommendations, you may contact me directly at bplackemeier@harborps.org or (231)526-4855.

COVID-19 Reminders for the 2021-2022 School Year

Health and Hygiene

  • Handwashing and Hand Sanitizing
    • Between classes
    • Prior to lunch
    • Hand sanitizer dispensers installed throughout HSHS classrooms, common areas, and busses.
  • Cleaning and Sanitization
    • Electrostatic cleaning equipment
    • Frequently touched surfaces cleaned at least every four hours.
    • Desks wiped down after each class period.
    • Daytime custodial staff increased.
    • Busses sanitized between each use with electrostatic emist cleaners.

Screening and Testing

  • Screening
    • HSPS cooperates fully with the Heath Department of Northwest Michigan (HDNWM).
    • Staff complete a daily health screening form with temperature check.
    • Symptomatic staff and students will be sent home immediately.
  • Testing
    • HSPS follow the HDNWM guidelines for positive cases.
    • All HSPS families and staff will be notified if a positive case emerges.
    • Confidentiality laws followed in regard to FERPA and HIPPA.
Schedule Changes

Our goal is to have every student satisfied with their schedule and enrolled in the appropriate courses. Many issues can be resolved without an office visit by simply emailing Mrs. Richardson with your concerns. Please use this LINK to see the schedule of all available classes listed by hour. The counseling office will be available for schedule changes every day from August 26-Sept 2 from 9:30 – 2:30 p.m.  However, a simple email to Mrs. Richardson can save you time and worry.  If you would like to meet with Mrs. Richardson, please call for an appointment at 526-4856 or email her directly at srichardson@harborps.org.

All schedule changes should be completed prior to September 3 to ensure appropriate placement in classes.

Seniors: Pay attention to NCMC deadlines and registration information.  All transcript requests should go directly through Parchment.com, with the account information you set up in the spring. 

Testing: The State of Michigan is offering a fall testing option for the PSAT 9, PSAT 10 and SAT (w/essay). If any student is interested in testing, please let myself or Mr. Plackemeier know.  

Shelby Richardson
HSHS Counselor

New High School Teachers

Jason Byma – Mr. Byma will be teaching a section of high school Music Production. 

Leigh Inglehart – Mrs. Inglehart will be moving to the high school to teach U.S. History and World History.

Jenna Talcott – Ms. Talcott will be moving to the high school to teach Art I, Art II, and Graphic Art.

Lunch schedules are based on the student's 4th hour teacher.

First lunch

J. LaPoint

Second lunch

R. LaPoint
5th Hour HSMS Students


High School Orientation

All freshman and new students to the district are expected to attend High School Orientation on Wednesday, September 1st at 5:30 p.m.  Parents are requested to attend this event with their student and participate fully in taking the first step into Harbor Springs High School.  Students will be given tours of the classrooms, receive their computers, find their lockers, and much more.  

Computers will be distributed only to students who return the completed required paperwork which was mailed. Required paperwork are Data Verification (PINK), Student Technology Agreement (BLUE), Code of Conduct (GREEN), Concussion Awareness (YELLOW), and Health Screening Agreement (TAN). Please carefully read the Opt-Out Form (GRAY) before signing.

10-12th Grade Computer Distribution

Sophomores, juniors and seniors can pick up their computers on the following days:
  • Thursday, September 2nd    12:00 PM – 3:00 PM   – main entrance
  • Friday, September 3rd         9:00 AM – 12:00 PM  – main entrance


All fines and fees must be paid before you will be issued a computer.   You will not receive a computer if there are any outstanding issues. 

Students (grades 10-12) must turn in the signed BLUE Acceptable Use Policy, the signed Data Verification Sheet (PINK), and the Health Screening Agreement (TAN) to receive their computers.  

To review:

  1. Freshman can pick up computers on September 1 at High School Orientation. If you cannot come to orientation, you may come to either of the 10-12th grade computer distribution days. If you have a conflict, please contact Principal Brad Plackemeier for orientation information.
  2. Grades 10-12 can pick up computers on September 2 or 3 during the hours listed above.
  3. Anyone who cannot pick up a computer before school starts can pick it up in the high school office before school starts on the first day, if the student has all of the required paperwork in hand.

Ram Fans

Check out the ATHLETICS page to order gear from the Rams Spirit Store (Open only until September 13th), information about tickets and passes, calendars, schedules, and more.


What do I need to be prepared for academic success?

Find school supply lists for specific classes at this LINK.


The 2021-2022 Harbor Springs High School Student Handbook can be found HERE.

Important Highlights For Parents and Students

Free and Reduced Lunch Forms

Children need healthy meals to be ready for the school day. Harbor Springs Public Schools offer healthy meals every school day.  Your child may qualify for free or reduced meal prices. Apply online at www.lunchapp.com. 


If you received Free or Reduced Lunch last year, you must reapply. Your child’s application from last year is only good through the last school year and the first few days of this school year. If you do not submit a new application or have not been notified that your child is eligible for free/reduced meals, your child will be charged full price for meals.

If you have any questions about Free/Reduced lunches, please contact Cathy Clarke  at 231-526-4736 or email at caclarke@harborps.org.

Student Parking

The first two rows of the lower parking remain unavailable during the school day (7 am-4:00 pm). Only staff, senior citizens, parents, and visitors may use those rows.  There is reserved parking by the shop for Mr. Reed and custodians only – students may not park in this area.  There are 62 parking spaces available in the Spring/Lake Streets parking lot for anyone to use. This lot is designated for all students on a first come, first serve basis. All cars must display a parking tag in the front window and have a 2021-2022 parking registration on file in the HS office.  Students may complete a request (CLICK HERE) and pick up the parking tag in the office. If you have a parking pass from last year, please complete the parking pass application on the website and bring your old pass to the office to be approved for use this year.

All cars parked in inappropriate or undesignated areas will be ticketed.  This is true for both the streets and the school property.  All personnel and students must have parking tags for all parking lots.  All vehicles must adhere to safety zones, loading zones, and no-parking areas such as fire lanes and handicap parking areas. 

There is no parking on any grass surfaces students will be ticketed for inappropriate parking behaviors.

Please be aware of safety restrictions at entrances.  Students can enter the building from the Spring Street entrance only. The Pine Street entrance will not be open at any time during the morning hours.   The doors on Bluff Drive are not available for entry.  

Authorized Visitors

The Process For Safety

The front doors of the school (Spring Street entrance) will be open for students to enter the building from 7:30 am – 8:00 am. They will also be open for sports practices and for all scheduled events.  During school hours, however, the building will be locked.

All visitors must “buzz-in” at the main doors for entry.  Look for the silver box to the right side of the door and press the circular button. Please state who you are and the reason for entering the school.  Visitors must immediately report to office.   The  procedures for authorized visitation to the high school are as follows:

  • All visitors, including “well known” parents, must sign into the office and receive a visitor’s name badge.
  • It is the responsibility of all staff to greet/question any adult who is not wearing a visitor name badge or staff identification.
  • If a staff member sees a visitor in the building without a visitor badge, they will either escort or direct them to the main office for a name badge and to sign-in.
  • If staff cannot walk the visitor to the office, they will call and inform the office that a visitor is in-route to sign in and receive name badge.

Attendance Policy

There is a positive relationship between attendance and success at school.  Therefore, administrators, teachers, and parents have a responsibility to encourage and positively reward regular and punctual attendance.

Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes.  Accurate records of daily and hourly absences will be kept.  State guidelines mandate that students must attend 90% of all scheduled classes or be classified chronically absent.

Goals and Objectives for Student Attendance

Harbor Springs High School, in complying with Michigan State School Law each district shall provide 180 days of student instruction each year.  It is a fact that students who have the best attendance records receive the best education.  It is also our belief that students need to practice good attendance in order to prepare themselves for the strict requirements they will encounter in the workplace after graduation.  Therefore, we have set some specific goals and objectives for all students in relation to regular attendance.

    1. Students should strive for maximum participation in each class.  To participate fully, students must strive to be in school each and every day (180 days per year).
    2. Student attendance and class participation will be two of the factors used to assign class grades in addition to daily written work, tests, quizzes, or other class requirements.  Students will be given a specific written list of grading requirements at the beginning of each new class so that attendance and participation requirements are made very clear.  
    3. Because students need to be in class in order to participate fully and to successfully learn material required for graduation, instructors have clearly stated attendance requirements for each course offered at HSHS.  Students must participate in 90% of all classes offered to receive full credit for the course. This means that a student missing more than six (6) classes per course may find it impossible to receive full credit.    This includes all excused absences. The only acceptable reasons for a student to miss more than 6 days in a semester is outlined below. Students who lose credit due to poor attendance may appeal to the principal for consideration (see Section BVI).
    4. Absences that occur will be carefully documented for each student, and the school will define those absences as excused or unexcused (see definitions in Sections III and IV).  Unexcused absences shall be treated as skipping a class and will result in an immediate semester grade reduction as follows: 

                         o For First Unexcused Absence (UA) there will be a 1% reduction

                         o For Second Unexcused Absence (UA) there will be a 2% reduction

                                     o For 3-6 Unexcused Absences there will be a 3% reduction for each additional UA

              5. Medically fragile students who expect to miss class often due to their medical condition, repeated medical appointments or                            counseling appointments must make an attendance plan at the beginning of the year.  See Mrs. Richardson or Mr. Plackemeier                    before the school year begins or during the first few days.  

             6.  Students and parents or guardians will be kept informed regularly of any problems with attendance. 

Excused absence categories:

  1. Illness of that student as reported by the parents; (doctor’s note is required after 4 absences)
  2. Religious holiday;
  3. Medical, dental, or legal appointments.  (Efforts should be made to schedule these appointments before or after school.)  The student must bring a note from the appointment for it to be excused.
  1. Prearranged family trips.
  • A Voluntary Absence Request form must be completed and signed by each teacher and returned to the school office as soon as possible. 
  • It is the student’s responsibility to find out what work needs to be completed during their absence and the due dates for such assignments. Student will be required to continue their prearranged assignments online through CANVAS while on their trip.
  • If this procedure is not completed, the absence will be unexcused.
  1. Special circumstances (as determined by the principal) will not count toward the six allowable “excused” absences.) Examples: family emergencies, personal crisis, death in the family, student personal business (court, etc.).
  2. Medical situations, extended illnesses or hospitalization.