2020 Undergraduate Honors Awards

What a year this has been and yet we have students in grades 9-11 who are simply superstars, regardless of a pandemic or any other challenge.  Each year we gather together as grade level instructors and award an honor student at each grade level.  The surprising thing about this tradition is that these students will remain true to their status until the very end of high school.  It is an honor and privilege to be their principal.  

What is an Honor Student?   Each year the staff identifies one student in each class who exemplifies the highest standards in education.  The Honor Student is selected because they demonstrate every characteristic of scholarship as well as high moral character.  These students are bright, eager to learn, and full of wonder.  Their attributes also include integrity, courage, fortitude, honesty, and loyalty.  However, this is not all that makes them honor students.  All three of these young people also greet us each day with acceptance, a smile, open minds, and graciousness.  They have earned this honor with much more than good grades – they have earned it with good hearts.

What are the characteristics of a Citizenship recipient?  These students are regarded by both our staff and their peers as dependable; they demonstrate respect for people, property, and the law.  They are courteous, helpful and caring in their relationships with other students and adults. 

These young adults continually strive to the limits of their abilities, both in the classroom and the community, to achieve both personal and academic goals that are within their reach.

These students readily and unselfishly help others at home, at school, and in the community to a degree that is judged exceptional. They demonstrate an ability to work with and motivate others, they have sound values, good judgment, and a sense of fairness.

~Susan Jacobs, Principal & Shelby Richardson, Counselor

9th Grade

Honor Student

Citizenship Student

Shirley Mogford

Evan Whitfield

Shirley Mogford is a quiet young lady who focuses on her school work, can often be seen reading during lunchtime, and is pleasant to everyone.  If you catch her eye, you will surely be rewarded with her shy smile. 

Shirley has certainly set the bar at a high level for her class.  She has maintained a 4.0 this year and seems dedicated to maintaining this record.  

Ms. Jones reports that Shirley has a phenomenal work ethic, is naturally curious, and engages thoughtfully in class discussion.  She is a leader in the classroom.

Ms. Naile says that Shirley goes above and beyond. She is genuine and kind.

Mrs. Keiser comments on Shirley’s Ram Pride saying she always shows up at all school events.  She is a true supporter.  

Mrs. Saddison says that Shirley is the best! She goes above and beyond what is expected of her and always advocates for herself!

Shirley is a joy to have in class, says Mr. McDonald.  She works hard every day and participates in class discussions.  She is not shy to share her views on issues and she does this in a polite, respectful way.  Shirley has a good sense of humor as well.  She is very deserving of this award.

Shirley is open-hearted, sincere, and trustworthy. She is the true embodiment of this honor! 

The first year at the HSHS has been successfully completed with high levels of hard work and exceptional attitude as well as a high standard of excellence. 

Ms. Jones reports, Evan is a genius with people. He makes everyone feel a part of something larger than themselves.  He adds a lot to every class he’s in. He always improves the class dynamic.

Mrs. Saddison adds Evan brings humor, fun, and excitement into the class every day, all while being one of the most respectful students I’ve ever had! 

The world is Evan’s stage says Mr. Ruddy.  His enthusiasm for performing well at whatever he takes on was evident in middle school, and continues to shine now that he is in high school.
Evan is an outstanding student who is truly a joy to have in class, says Ms. Naile. He treats everyone with respect and his sense of humor is exceptional! I appreciate his positivity and the fun he brings to each class period!
Mrs. Davis adds Evan brings a fresh perspective to our discussions in English class. He encourages everyone in his small discussion groups and makes them feel welcome in sharing their opinions. 
He has an unassuming intellect that puts everyone around him at ease.  He’s one of the first chosen when students have the opportunity to pick their project partners says Mr. Matelski.
10th Grade

Honor Student

Citizenship Student

Claire Hayhurst

Mackenzie Radle

Claire Hayhurst greets you every day with sparkling eyes and a truly joyful smile.  She has clearly established herself as a pacesetter with a 4.0 GPA. We are all extremely proud of her tenacity with regard to her studies.  Claire has clearly dedicated her efforts to the Honors diploma track and continues to uphold a family tradition of excellence. 

Mrs. LaPoint says Claire is a ray of daily sunshine. Her kind nature is a joy to be around and her academic achievements help to lead my classes to deeper, clearer, and stronger understanding of Biology.  Her example is one that we need as teachers and I am terribly grateful to have had her in class.

As a three-sport athlete since seventh grade, Claire has learned to positively lead on the court and field, both physically and vocally.  She has she demonstrated leadership on the court and encouragement on the sidelines. Her example of hard work, maturity, and positivity illustrated her understanding of the importance of putting the team first and persevering through difficulty states Ms. Rigby.

Mrs. Davis adds Claire continually demonstrates that she puts in the hard work needed to be a top-notch student. Her work is detailed and shows careful analysis.  Not only is she an excellent student, she also inspires the other students in class to voice their thoughts on the topics we discuss.  

Lastly, Mr. McDonald says Claire is the type of student that you never have to worry about.  She does whatever is asked of her without complaint and is very helpful to not only her peers, but to staff as well.  Claire can be counted on for almost anything and she is a role model for others in the classroom.  Congratulations, Claire.  

Mackenzie is known for her sparkling personality, her generosity, and her ability to extend loving-kindness.  She is the gentle leader and the always present helper. 

Mrs. Keiser points to Mackenzie as a top-notch student and an amazing person. She appreciates her willingness to work with anyone, help everyone, and lead by example. 

Mrs. Payne comments that Kenzie is a ray of sunshine!  She is compassionate and kind, which is evident as her classmates continually look to her for guidance and her willingness to help others.

Kenzie shows quiet leadership in class. She is kind to the other students in her weekly groups and leads them though her excellent example of hard work adds Mrs. Davis.

Mackenzie is a thoughtful student who always performs at the highest level states Mr. Ruddy.

Mackenzie makes me smile every day, says Mrs. LaPoint.  She shows up with a great attitude and a willingness to really tough out the harder challenges.  She is an outstanding leader with a warm and kind heart.

Mrs. Bosker sums it up saying she is one the sweetest girls that I know.  She is always on top of her work and does not let herself get behind.  She is the president of the Class of 22 and has been an enormous help to me as a class advisor.  I have never heard her say an unkind word about anyone and she always treats her fellow classmates with respect.  I think she might be an angel in disguise.

11th Grade

Honor Student

Citizenship Student

Ella Deegan

Ty Kennard

Ella Deegan has the eleventh-grade teacher team in the palm of her hand; the praise for this young woman is unlimited and unanimous.   She stands out for her inner strength, her convictions, and her humility.  Personally, I think she stands out for her TIK-TOK’s also.  Ella is a steadfast student with a 3.99 GPA and 3 years in the Honors program.  

Mrs. Keiser reflects upon Ella saying,  she has been submitting excellent work during this quarantine, above and beyond most others.  She also adds, Ella has met every challenge with dignity and perseverance while she maintains her academic excellence. 

It has been an honor to get to know such a great kid and to watch her mature into an independent young lady capable of anything she sets her mind to, says Mrs. LaPoint.

Ella has an infectious smile and her positive demeanor brings joy to all of those around her adds Mr. Ruddy.

Ella launched a business this past year, EJGATORS, originally making neck gators yet expanding to face masks during the pandemic said Ms. Jones.  She donates 50% of her proceeds to the Red Cross and recently included donations to the NAACP.  She is an honorable student in that her actions speak louder than her words. 

Mrs. Payne sums it all up:  Ella is a creative thinker and continually demonstrates out-of-the-box thinking. She maintains an aspiring attitude and demonstrates resilience; Ella is a true role model.

When I think of a good citizen, I envision a person who is a leader, generous, ethical, and a believer in equity.  I also envision a good neighbor; a person who goes above and beyond for his family, classroom, neighborhood, school, and community.    Ty is all of those things plus the happiest person I know.  That little bit of mischievousness just makes him better.   His teachers see all of his attributes as well.

Mrs. Payne says he is consistently kind to everyone, so helpful, doesn’t complain, adds energy to the class. He is always willing to lend a hand, and continually draws others in with his fun spirit.

Mr. Grant adds, Ty is an excellent choice for this award. He’s always very polite in the hallway and a role model for others.

Mrs. Keiser echoes these sentiments saying that Ty made significant growth over the years. He is responsible, respectful, helpful, trustworthy, and wants to do the right thing.  He sets a good example for his peers.

Ms. Naile includes, he is highly deserving of this award. Ty is an amazing addition to any class. 

Ms. Jones sums him up with great enthusiasm: Ty truly engages positively with people and with respect for the learning environment as well as the community. He is involved in everything and gives his all in everything. He makes learning and community involvement fun.

First Semester Academic Honors


10TH grade

11th grade

High Honors


High Honors


High Honors


Olin Alonzi

Josephine Baker

Maxwell Bassett

Madeleine Burch

William Cabana

Mitchell Caron

Carson Chumbler

Maria Crawford

Jacob Drayer

Katelyn Drayer

Isabel Dunn

Austin Furstenberg

Kaycee Gatti

Samuel Harrell

Griffin Hunt

Teagan Inglehart

David Johnston

Levi Keely

Brady Keiser

Megan Kolinski

Lillian Miller

Shirley Ann Mogford

Holly Novak

Shilo Porter-Lang

Joseph Puzio

Ella Ruddy

Eva Ruddy

Kyra Shouldice

Alexa Southwell

Carly Stall

Kaia Thompson

Maja Thompson

Evander Whitfield

Taylore Wilson

Carter Benjamin

Dale Ferguson

Hailey Fisher

Brendan Glentz

Noodwin Keller

Lillian Krasiejko

Jozlyn McCoy

Jordan Meier

Natalie Mills

Tyler Piper

Jeff Ramsay

Claire Ranney

Erica Schreiber

Quinn VanTol

Brynn Backus

Isabella Balistreri

Giovanna Belmonte

Noah DeFrain

Claire Hayhurst

Addison Holt

Keely Knapp

Jacob Kolinski

Carter Mansberger

Jack Miller

Megan Novak

Anthony Ouellette

Mackenzie Radle

Jenna Richardson

Luke Shehigian

Lance Smar

Isabella Taylor

Connor Truman

Jillian Wagner

Charlotte Wemigwase

Ava Baker

Jack Blanck

Noah Bosker

Randolph DeGayner

Isabelle DenBoer

Cassidy Gudakunst

Riley Harrell

Ethan Hart

Aaron Iafolla

Clayton Novak

Stewart Osterlund

Roxanne Pettyjohn-Wenn

Jude Proctor

Isabella Rybinski

Evan Schwab

Kelsey Smith

Kaleb Warner

Lucas Baker

Josiah Chamberlin

Ella Deegan

Jordan Drayer

William Gillette

Briana Goldsmith

Sophia Keiser

Alexander Likens

Jacquelyn O’Neill

Travis Olvitt

Alexis Peacock

William Ransford

Grant Richardson

Maisy Sanders

Joshua Thompson

Norman Cameron

Elizabeth Carter

Noah Croton

Elaine Harris

Derek Hebner

Chad Hogan

Ty Kennard

Ellie Kline

Carrie Main

Aaron Mathews

Marissa Page

Owen Potter

Ethan Schumaker

Luke Smith

Maria Stall

Markus Thornton

Zoey VanTol

Matthew Whitfield