Joseph Erdmann – 5th/6th

As a member of the Harbor Springs Middle School staff, I teach 5th and 6th grade ELA and 5th grade Social Studies. I also serve as a Michigan Youth and Government faculty advisor.

I was raised in Northern Michigan spending time I the outdoors, enjoying the waters, and developing a passion for fishing. I share these passions with my wife, Kari and son, Adison. The classroom is an extension of our family and the connections I build lead to a high quality education and fulfilling life. 

The classroom is an opportunity to build life-long connections with students and families. My passion for education stems from watching students develop into unique individuals. 

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Contact Information

MS Office: 526-4700



5th/6thGrade Daily Bell Schedule

1stHour: 6thELA                8:00 – 8:55  

2ndHour: Prep Period      8:59 – 9:54

3rdHour: 5thSoc. St.         9:58 – 10:53

4thHour: 5thSoc. St.         10:57 – 11:53

Lunch/Recess                 11:53 – 12:28

5thHour: 5thSoc. St.         12:32 – 1:27

6thHour: 5thELA                1:31 – 2:26

5thWriting                          2:30 – 3:00