Kimberly Hayhurst

5th grade Science * 5th grade Language Arts * 6th grade Math

I have been lucky enough to be teaching in Harbor Springs Public Schools for 10 years. It is a great place to be! I get to share my love of learning especially in the areas of science, math, reading and writing everyday with young, bright individuals. When I am not at school, I cherish time with my husband and 3 active daughters. I enjoy being outside hiking, exploring or just appreciating northern Michigan.

5th Grade Science

5th Grade
Language Arts

6th Grade MATH I

The units of study we cover in class include the flow of energy and matter in an ecosystem, observations in our sky, physical & chemical changes in matter, and human impact on the Earth’s systems. These units will help students to understand the world around them and begin to think more critically.  

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The units of study in 5th grade encourage strong reading and writing skills.   Areas of focus will lead readers to create a deeper level of comprehension of the text. As a writer the student will  craft a narrative that brings the setting and characters to life, create an opinion essay with a logical and purposeful structure, and an informative informational essay. 

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This curriculum is designed to build each individual’s confidence in math.  Students will be prepared to tackle addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, decimals and fractions. They will also build their ability to think abstractly.  

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