COVID-19 Update Page

Welcome to the COVID-19 Update Page.  Here you will find updated information regarding Harbor Springs Public Schools COVID-19 status, plan, and required reporting.  Harbor Springs Public Schools is operating its full instructional program for face-to-face students.  The District also has a complete virtual/online option for K-12 students. 

Ram Wellness Program is pleased to announce that we have Rapid Covid screenings available for students and staff. Students and/or staff MUST be symptomatic. Call (231) 526-4816 or email school health nurse Jennie Dodge to schedule an appointment. Curbside testing is available. Please be reminded that this a screening test, and if you are in quarantine and receive a negative Covid test that WILL NOT shorten or suspend your quarantine time.

COVID Testing of Athletes

On March 19, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services issued an emergency order requiring weekly testing for individuals ages 13 – 19 who participate in athletics.  HSPS complies with all MDHHS emergency orders.  Below are forms that are required to be completed prior to testing.  For more information regarding the emergency see the Interim Guidance for Athletics (April 1, 2021)