4th of July Art Show


One application per artist per medium.

Examples of mediums represented in prior years: Painting, Drawing, Ceramics, Metal, Jewelry, Fiber Art, Collage, Mixed Media, Wood.

The goal of this show is to provide our community and visitors with access to local, regional and national artists and craftsmen.

All artwork and products should be crafted by hand and artists or craftsman involved are expected to be present at the show.  

Individual artists may apply for two spaces either to display their work in two separate media or to display one medium in a double space.

Business partners or spouses must apply separately unless they are occupying the same booth space.

There are a limited number of double spaces available.

Artists applying in two different medium categories must submit an application and slides for both media.

Please do not apply in more than one category with the same body of work.

The number of artists for this year’s show is being limited to 80. This is to allow for adequate spacing within our venue.

All artists, returning or new to the show, will need to apply and go through the jury process.


There are three parts to the application process.

1) Online Application

Follow the link below to take you to the Art Show Informational part of the application.


Fill out all of the fields listed per the directions.

2) Email Images
Three photos of your work, and one of your stocked display space to

artshow@harborps.org .

All photos must be of high quality in JPG format and be a true representation of your work as a whole. Any attempt to misrepresent yourself will exclude you from future shows.

Please label the photos: last name_first name_1, last name_first name_2, last name_first name_3, and last name_first name_booth.

E-mail these images to artshow@harborps.org, with the subject line: ART SHOW IMAGES and BUSINESS NAME.

3) Payment [Online or Check]
Payment for a single booth is $250.00, and for a double booth, the fee is $450.00.

This payment includes the non-refundable jury/handling fee of $25 and your general booth fee. Please make sure that you choose the correct one when you are registering online. Only a limited number of double booths are available.

Online Payment:
This year we are once again using our Harbor Springs Community Schools

registration program for payment, eFunds.

Instruction for Online Payment is as follows:

–  Please go to our online catalog (linked on our webpage as well)

–  https://payments.efundsforschools.com/v3/districts/55897/

–  You can create an account with this new program, or check out as a guest.

–  Look for “Pay for Art Show Registration”

–  Enter the amount based on your choice of a single or double booth and follow theinstructions for payment.

  • If you are not accepted into the art show, your booth fee ($225 or $425) will be sent back to you via check.

    There is a convenience fee for the use of a credit card, $2.65 for every $100 or portion thereof and for checking payments it is $1.00 flat fee for every transaction.

    Payment via Mail [Check]:

    If you choose to opt out of using our online payment option, you may send the check for the payment of a single or double booth to:

    Harbor Springs Public Schools
    Attn: Jenna Treado, 4th of July Art Show Director 800 S. State Street
    Harbor Springs, MI 49740

    If sending a check, include your name and email. A confirmation of your check being received will be sent to you upon its arrival. Please remember, mail is checked on business days only and winter weather can affect its arrival.

    Once all three parts of the application have been received, we will begin processing your application.

    Checks may be held till judging is completed to prevent having to reissue refund checks.


There will be no refunds after June 20th 2024.
This includes those who do not show the day of the show. Any refunds will be paid out by check in July.


January 30 -Applications available to prospective participants

April 15- Deadline for application [Online App., Payment, Photo Submission]

May 15- Notification to participants and digital advertisement file sent out

June 15- Booth Assignments Sent Out to All Artists

June 20- Refund Deadline

All artists will be notified by May 15th whether they have been accepted or not.
We understand your desire to know about your application status, but please do not call.

Results will NOT be given over the phone.
We will email results as soon as possible, so PLEASE make sure all your information is correctly entered on the application.

The Harbor Springs Community Programs 4th of July Art Show staff reserves the right to accept or reject any exhibitor.


The booth space allotment is 10ft x 10ft. Storage for your display supplies and artwork must be contained within your booth/display space.

Spaces between booths will be between 4-6 ft this space is to allow for foot traffic to be more spread out.

The fee is $250 (single booth) or $450 (double booth) including the $25 non refundable jury/handling fee. Booth fees are non-refundable once accepted.

The Art Show Director assigns all spaces and has the right to deny a request or change an exhibitor space if it is deemed necessary.

Artists will be notified by June 15th where their booth space will be located so they can notify patrons, make plans. Every effort is made to meet the request of each artist, but not everyone can have a corner booth or be in a certain spot.

Once assigned, booth spaces are non-negotiable, please do not call, your location will not be changed. The exhibitor’s full cooperation is expected in all of the above.

Jenna Treado (Talcott), Art Show Director   Hannah Bianchi, Community Schools Director

500 Spring Street, Harbor Springs, Michigan 49740  ~  artshow@harborps.org  ~  Telephone (231) 450-0232  ~  www.harborps.org