Audio Engineering & Video Editing (AEVE)

Enrolled in AEVE, students will experience the world of audio mixing and editing their projects utilizing state of the art technology and facilities, learning and applying skills used in Studio Recording, Digital Audio, and Live Sound. Students will produce audio tracks for use in various projects such as vocal music, narration for a documentary, or digital videos. Students will learn to process multiple recorded takes and edit them into one final track, to produce the highest quality product possible. In conjunction, students will expand their talents and abilities by adding visual components to their audio project to deliver a memorable experience for their audiences. With new abilities in Audio Engineering and Video Editing, students will end the course with a final project of their choice that will be shared with the community.

AEVE Page Contents:

Available Tasks:

  1. LPX 10.5 Text
    1. Capter 2 – Project 3
      1. pg. 80-127
  2. Explore Final Cut / Motion
    1. Final Cut Tutorial
    2. Motion 5 Tutorial    
  3. Final Project Survey
  4. Compass College FAQs
  5. Create Media Folder on Desktop
  6. Compass College Competition
    1. Guess Speaker 10/05 in class

Common Links:

Ripple Training – Lessons – Copyright Free Media

Tunebat – Project Key, bpm, and more

Ultimate Guitar – Chord Sheets

Piano Chords – Learn to build your chords

Musescore – Pre-made Arrangements

Rhyme Zone – For Lyric Writing

AEVE Past Projects – YouTube Playlist

AEVE Promo's: HSPS & CharEm ISD

Below are two short Promo Video’s created in Spring of 2022.


AEVE ISD 90 Second Promo

Lessons & Assignments

LPX 10.5: CTE Text Chapters

  1. Perform in Real Time w/ Live Loops
    1. pg 7-27 (1hr)
  2. Virtual Drum Track
    1. pg 80-127 (2hr)
  3. Effects & Instrument Plug-Ins
    1. pg 128-169 (tbd)
  4. Recording Audio/MIDI
    1. pg 170-235 (tbd)
  5. Sampling Audio
    1. pg 236-295 (tbd)
  6. MIDI Controllers/Logic Remote
    1. pg 296-333 (tbd)
  7. Creating Content
    1. pg 334-377 (tbd)
  8. Integrating Workflow
    1. pg 378-392 (tbd)
  9. Editing Pitch & Time
    1. pg 393-429 (tbd)
  10. Mixing
    1. pg. 430-488 (tbd)
  11. Keyboard Shortcuts
    1. pg 489-496


Below are listed Resources used in AEVE. We’ll continue to update lists as the program grows.

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X Text Book: Logic Pro X 10.5 – Professional Music Production by David Nahmani

Final Cut Pro X & Motion 5

Final Cut in 60 Min–Basic

FCX Color Correction

Motion 5 in 60 Min–Advanced I

New Features 10.6.2–Basic

Ken Burns in 9 Min–Basic & Advanced

Coming Soon–Advanced III

Split Screen–

Split Screen–Advanced I

Split Screen–Advanced II

Split Screen–Advanced III